Consultation - Our Approach

We provide an objective and comprehensive analysis and exhaustive business review, both from the perspective of how the business is performing in relation to prior years, and how it is performing in relation to other companies of a similar type and size. You will see your business as you have never seen it before. From this comparative review a business owner is able to clearly understand the obstacles standing in the way of achieving the business’ maximum potential, thus allowing us to provide recommendations for improvements and opportunities. More importantly, the business analyst will discuss with you what methods, systems, procedures, controls and incentives are needed in order to reach your goals and objectives.

We offer broad experience outside your industry that will benefit your organization. Our consultants are be more inclined to "think outside the box" and develop creative solutions than someone who just works within your industry. 

  • Business Assessments - business valuations, competitive & operational benchmarking, organizational analysis & design, overhead analysis & cost reduction.
  • Business Planning Services - exit strategy, feasibility studies, formal business plans, operation budgeting & forecasting, strategic planning, and succession planning.
  • Small Business Consulting Services - acquisitions, business growth & expansion, cash flow management, funding, import & export opportunities, profitability, and sales & marketing.
  • Business Skills Training -  self-paced, asynchronous (not live) training programs designed to complement and enhance an entrepreneur’s knowledge and performance in a specific subject. Each program is comprised of a series of individual self-contained Lesson study modules. 

Our commitment is to provide value to each client. We give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business. Download our business analysis Brochure.

Business Start-Up

You are finally ready to start your very own business. Have you thought about the benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC? what implications (legal and otherwise) does owning your own business have on your personal assets? Incorporating or forming an LLC may have significant benefits for your business and your personal assets, both legally and from a tax perspective. Valderrama Partners offers complete corporate or LLC formation services, at savings of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, when compared to attorneys.


  • Incorporate or Form an LLC - Our all inclusive corporate/LLC formation services include filing your application, name search, complete corporate/LLC kit with professional documents, seal, stamp, and Register agent services.

  • Tax ID Number - We file for and obtain a Federal Tax ID Number (or Employers Identification Number).

  • Tax Forms - We can file tax form elections on your behalf (such as S-Corp election, or change of formation).

As your corporate register agent, we’ll file your incorporation documents with the State and ship the completed filing to you via your chosen shipping method. Yes, it’s that simple! We also provide you with the necessary after-incorporation paperwork including personalized Corporate Bylaws, Organizational Meeting Minutes, details tasks like getting a business license, a sales tax permit or hiring employees.

*****Please Fill out our Business Entity Application******


    A nonprofit, or non-profit corporation, is a company or organization formed for purposes other than making a profit. Like standard for-profit corporations, nonprofits provide limited liability protection. The personal assets of directors and officers typically cannot be used to satisfy the debts or liabilities of the nonprofit. Keep in mind; incorporating a nonprofit establishes the nonprofit with the state of incorporation, but does not provide tax-exempt status. In order to have federal tax-exempt status, Form 1023 must be filed with and approved by the IRS. Please contact our offices to files the proper documentations in order to be tax-exempt.

    Nonprofit corporations typically offer certain benefits:

    • Limited liability protection- Directors and officers are typically not personally responsible for the nonprofit’s debts and liabilities. 
    • Tax-exempt status - Nonprofits can apply for both federal and state tax-exempt status.
    • Access to grants - Some nonprofits are eligible to receive public and private grants, making it easier to get operating capital.
    • Tax-deductible donations - With 501(c)(3) nonprofits, donations made by individuals to the nonprofit corporation are tax-deductible.